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How do i book with you?

New guests: 

STEP 1. Schedule your first appointment with me by clicking here. *follow the steps below on how to book.

STEP 2. When you get to my booking page, Click 'Book Now.'

STEP 3. Click on 'Select Service'


STEP 4. Click 'New Guest Services.'


STEP 5. Select the service that you want


STEP 6. Select the date that you want


STEP 7. Click 'Search.'


STEP 8. Select the time that you want.

STEP 9. Create a profile.

STEP 10. Fill out the 'appointment request application. 


STEP 11. Click 'submit'

STEP 12. Enter your payment information.


STEP 13. Click 'Request'


If you booked a virtual consultation, you will receive an email/text notification with the link to join the virtual consultation.

Existing guests, please click here.

what happens to my deposit?

Once you pay your deposit, the money will be applied to the cost of  your first service with me.

how do i contact you?

You can email me by clicking here.

do you only do curly hair?

While curly hair is my specialty, I do cater to other hair textures (wavy & straight) as well.

do you do short hair?

I love short & sassy hair, but I am more skilled with hair that is chin length or longer.

what does "premium rates

(day off/extended schedule)

= service cost x 1.5 mean?"

If I am available, I am willing to come in early, stay late, or come in on my day off to do your hair at a premium rate. The premium rate is the service cost times 1.5.

Do i have to get the diva's retreat experience?

How to book

My goal is to offer you the very best. I can guarantee those results by starting everyone off with a solid foundation: ensuring that your hair receives the treatment that it needs, a quality cut and educating you on how to maintain those results for continued success is my priority. The Diva's Retreat Experience allows me to do just that!

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