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The diva's retreat
Deluxe curl experience

Are you ready to fall in love with your curls again? 

This is the starting point for every new guest. My goal is to offer you the very best. I can guarantee those results by starting everyone off with a solid foundation: ensuring that your hair receives the treatment that it needs, a quality cut and educating you on how to maintain those results for continued success is my priority. The Diva's Retreat Experience allows me to do just that! If you are wanting to get your curls colored, straightened or would like more guidance on styling your curls, the Diva's Retreat Silk Press Experience, Curl ExperienceKid's Curl Experience, or the Curly Lites Experience might be the option for you! 

curly girl and phones

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During the consultation, we will discuss your hair's current state, your hair goals, your likes & dislikes, and create a maintenance plan specific to your lifestyle and needs! The consultation is $75, lasts 30 minutes and the amount can be applied to the cost of your first service with me. 



I will create a custom curly cut specifically for your lifestyle, texture and overall goals.

Custom Curly Cut
shampooing curly hair



After I shampoo your hair, a custom blended treatment will be applied to your hair.


1-on-1 styling lesson

This is the fun part! I will walk you through the process as I style your hair; showing you everything as I go. This will be your opportunity to get your hands in your hair and ask me as many questions as you'd like. This is also the perfect opportunity for parents to style their child's hair with me.

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Diva's Retreat Hair Products

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Maintenance Kit

Your maintenance kit will consist of 2 products for you to take home and use to maintain your look in between salon visits!


curly styling game plan

It's impossible for you to remember everything that you will learn during our in-person tutorial, that's why I am sending you home with the Curly Styling Game Plan. This is a digital curly styling course that teaches you the techniques that I use on your hair, as well as, 4 additional styling techniques for you to try at home and refer to when you can't seem to remember everything from our hair date.

Curly Styling Game Plan
Image by Nicola Styles



We will wrap up our hair date by scheduling your next visit and capturing your badass look with a photoshoot!

Discover your inner badass

curly services

Diva's Retreat Kid's Curl Experience + parent's hands on

Following the Diva's Retreat Deluxe Curl Experience, parents are invited to participate in helping to detangle, style and dry their child's hair. 

Diva's Retreat curl experience

This service is for experienced curly girls looking for a new stylist and wanting to maintain the health of their curly hair.

silk press experience

Wanna switch it up? Turn those beautiful curls into silky goodness. The service includes a custom hair treatment, blowout, flatiron + style, and a maintenance product.

curly LITES experience

Ready for something new? Get a customized color service that compliments your texture, skin tone and your lifestyle. 

Silk Press
Curly Lites
Curl Experience
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