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curly hair salon

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what people are saying

"You can tell that Janelle loves what she does, takes it very seriously, and is a professional. I had never gotten a curly cut before but she did more than I expected and I was pleasantly surprised at what she managed to make my hair do! Janelle is definitely someone to trust and go to for your next hair appointment"



"I was literally speechless when Janelle was done with my hair. It was exactly what I wanted if not better! I know she specializes in curly hair which I don't have, I have a combination of wavy/straight thick hair, but she still styled it beautifully. Janelle was so knowledgeable in what products to use for my hair type and how to best take care of it daily. She is so kind and funny, I had the best conversation during my appointment. I will definitely be returning and sending my friends her way. I recommend you give her a try and support this amazing small business!"

Chelsea R.

Premium Rates (Day off/Extended Schedule) = Service Price x 1.5

Saturday Rates = Service Price x 1.2

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